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New Customer Floor Cleaning Special 2016

Floor care is one of those things that gets overlooked by many business owners and landlords. Keeping floors properly cleaned and protected leads to longer life of the flooring material, a healthier environment, and better appearance. Let us help you get the most out of your floors with a free floor cleaning from Circle A Janitorial.

Free Floor Cleaning in Lubbock

From June 1 through August 31, 2016 we are offering a free, one-time floor cleaning in your office when you schedule your first office cleaning with us. We want to show you the difference a professional floor cleaning service can make with this one-time offer. There are some limitations on flooring type and square footage, so contact us for details.

Floor Cleaning Prolongs Your Investment

New flooring is an investment in your property and can be very expensive. With regular, professional cleaning, your flooring looks better and lasts longer. Depending on the amount and type of traffic your property has will determine how often a professional floor cleaning is needed. We have seen, and cleaned, it all from highly soiled, high traffic entry ways to rarely traveled offices. We can help you make a plan for getting the most out of your flooring with regular care.

Floor Cleaning For Better Health

Think about everything that is on your floor. Our shoes go everywhere and are great at collecting dirt, oil, germs, and... you name it. Carpet can even act as a filter for your air. Regular floor cleaning will remove the dirt, germs, and other nasty things your floor collects making your office more healthy.

Clean Floors Look Better

Cleaner floors look better and make people more comfortable. If you welcome customers to your business, you want to give them the best impression you can. Don't let them walk into a dirty mess. With our free one-time cleaning we can turn your messy floors into a sparkling gem. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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