Circle A Janitorial Services, LLC

Custom Commercial Cleaning

Post-Construction Clean Up

Anyone who has ever built a new space can likely testify that one of the worst parts of the entire process is the clean up. After a space is remodeled, renovated, or built, there is the potential for a huge mess that includes sawdust, sheetrock, nails or screws that were overlooked and ended up on the floor, and other debris such as leaves, grass, and dirt. After you have remodeled or built a home, office, or other building, cleaning up on its own can take up a day by itself to clean. The good news is that Circle A Janitorial in Lubbock, Texas, is here to help you! By offering post-construction clean up, we can ensure that your efforts to move in are cut down and that you are able to get into your space and have it cleaned and ready for you.

Circle A Janitorial offers comprehensive clean up after your renovation or build. Once all construction materials have been moved, our team can clean smudges and dirt off walls, dust all surfaces including ceiling fans and counter spaces, leave your floors spotless, remove stickers from windows and other glass surfaces, and remove any other debris that might be stuck in hard spots after a big project. We make sure that your space is ready for you to live in or work in so you can enjoy it rather than taking on another project to clean it up. When you hire Circle A Janitorial to do your post-construction clean up, you are hiring true professionals who take pride in making sure that every job is completed and that your space is spotless.

When your space has been renovated and you need it cleaned before you move in and start enjoying your new project, call Circle A Janitorial for your post-construction clean up! We make sure the job is done to the highest of standards.