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Everyday your carpet is welcoming dirt, mud, and everything else you can imagine. Vacuuming is a valuable tool to remove random patches of dirt and good for short term use, but professional carpet cleaning services are important for long term carpet health.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about why professional carpet cleaning service is a crucial element to the longevity of your commercial floors.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

1. They know what to look for

Anyone can vacuum, but it takes a professional to truly clean carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services have a trained eye on what to look for and can determine the best means to remove a stain. You don’t hire an accountant to be your doctor. You go to a physician. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service to get the job done.

2. Deep-cleaning and thorough

The whole point of cleaning carpet is to reach the places you can’t. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service will clean the core of the carpet and clean with diligence, thoroughness, and intensity. Vacuuming and a traditional cleaning isn’t enough. We recommend professional carpet cleaning service every 4-6 months.

3. Tools

To get down deep, professional carpet cleaners have the right tools that get the job done. With high powered vacuums and intensive carpet extraction and carpet bonneting technology , dirt doesn’t have a chance against the professionals.

Restore Your Carpet

We provide carpet cleaning, water restoration, extraction, pet odor removal, scotch quart, and steam cleaning. Our process is very simple. First, we pre-spray for optimum cleaning, then we spray the spots and clean with carpet extraction and carpet bonneting.
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