Worship Facility Janitorial

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Worship Facility janitorial services are a unique need different from many other places. People of all ages are in and out throughout the week, and because children are often in Worship Facilities, there are more things to clean and disinfect! Our talented and experienced cleaning crews know the unique things a worship facility needs including odd schedules, special cleaning areas, and attention to details.

Worship facilities are unique in that parts of them are often used only a fraction of the week and other places, like offices, might see people every day. Because of this, cleaning services must follow that strange schedule. If your worship facility has services only on Sunday or maybe Sunday and Wednesday, we can make a plan to fit your needs before or after those days. Other facilities might have different groups meeting in different areas of the building throughout the week. If this is the case, we can clean only those areas following their uses. Our goal is to fit a janitorial plan to meet the needs of your organization. Worship facilities often have regular business offices that need attention like any office, but they also have worship centers, gymnasiums, Sunday School classrooms, and nurseries. Each type of area needs a different type of cleaning. While some janitorial companies might try a one size fits all approach, we build a plan to cater to each area to best fit it’s need. Nurseries need more floor care than worship centers because they have children crawling around on them, and offices need more surface cleaning and trash removal than gymnasiums. Get in touch with us to make a plan that fits the needs of your organization!

  • Day or night cleaning
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly
  • Nursery clean up and toy disinfectant
  • Complete janitorial service
  • Trash removal
  • Dusting
  • Restrooms
  • Windows/glass
  • Detail cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Clean-up prior to and after events

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