Managing the school environment when the students are still around can be a bit tasking as they do not make the job easy. However, during the summer vacation, preparation and proper clean-up of the school can be done and this is where Circle A Janitorial come in to play as they are more than capable of offering these services. They do more than what a regular janitor can ever hope to achieve, and they are very thorough, therefore having a sterling reputation.

As a recognized cleaning service, we clean schools amongst a number of other places. We have been in the business since 1984, giving us just over 40 years’ worth of experience. We have our major supply companies in New York and New Jersey and educate upcoming cleaning companies ongoing ‘Green’ which involves using lower carbon footprints. The following are a few of the services that we provide.

Polishing Wooden Stairways: We are more than capable of giving the school’s stairway that shines that it most rightly deserves not to mention the fact that they do this with the best of materials too. Polishing of stairways can also be done in homes if the color of the stairway seems to have faded.

Removing of Stickers: Students can be a bit eclectic during the school year and due to the various activities, that are bound to occur, a lot of stickers get placed on walls and lockers. Now, this can be all exciting during the school session but when its summer and all the students are gone for the holidays, the hallways can most likely look like a newspaper room gone wrong. At Circle A Janitorial we are more than capable of removing these stickers off lockers, gym floors and bleachers thereby making the school fit for a brand-new academic session.

Detailing Bathrooms: Bathrooms can get quite filthy during an academic session as students are often coming and going, however, Circle A Janitorial can carry out high dusting, stripping and waxing of floors and all in all give you a thorough bathroom clean up.

To see the desired result in any business sector, there is a need to hire a reputable company and when it comes to that of cleaning services, Circle A Janitorial offers just what you need.