When hiring a janitorial service to clean your office, there are several things you should take into consideration. While your budget for a janitorial service is definitely a consideration, hiring a janitorial service based on how much they charge alone can end up costing you. Take a look at some tips from us on how to hire a janitorial service.

What services do you need?
If you need certain things done a certain way – perhaps have a restroom that tends to run out of toilet paper more quickly or a special time or frequency you’d like floors cleaned – make sure the janitorial service you hire is able and willing to provide those special things.

How are the employees trained?
Are the employees of the janitorial service trained to handle the chemicals and equipment they use? Do they know how to treat different materials and surface types to make sure nothing is damaged? These are important questions to ask when hiring a janitorial service.

Do they have insurance?
Before hiring a janitorial service, make sure they have liability insurance in case of accident or injury.

Do they have references?
As with any service or job, asking for references is always a good idea. Ask the janitorial service you’re considering if they can provide at least three references. Also ask if it’s possible to visit some of the other locations they service. Being able to see their work firsthand will tell you a lot.

Asking the above questions before hiring a janitorial service can help you make a smart decision that will allow you to have not only a clean office, but peace of mind as well. If you’re in need of a janitorial service, call us today!