In the middle of March, many people found themselves unexpectedly working from home or out of a job at least temporarily. In unprecedented times, businesses and stores shut down to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Now, at the beginning of June, things are starting to reopen and people are returning to work. As stores, restaurants, and offices open for more than curbside delivery or online order pickup, it has become even more vital that spaces are clean and that precautions are taken to keep employees and visitors safe and healthy. It is important to hire a cleaning company to handle sanitization and professional-grade cleaning rather than assuming you can do it yourself. Circle A Janitorial offers office cleaning as employees are returning to work. Keep your place of work safe and help keep COVID-19 at bay by hiring a cleaning company.

Circle A Janitorial in Lubbock, Texas, has specialized cleaning tools and products that are not available to the general public. The cleaning chemicals we use can help kill the virus and sanitize areas that are hard to reach by hand. Cleaning companies know how to leave your work space as clean and safe as it can possibly be. The disinfectants Circle A Janitorial uses are the ones recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency.) Additionally, you and your employees as well as any visitors allowed will feel much better in your business if they know that a professional service has been cleaning and disinfecting to make it safe for them to come and go.

The coronavirus is not gone, but the spread has slowed, and in order to keep it this way, it is important to hire a cleaning service as you are returning to work. Keep yourself and those around you safe by contacting Circle A Janitorial in Lubbock, Texas, about our cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you!