Fall is more than football or dove season. Each year when the air starts to cool down, colleges resume, and kids are back in school, many realize that they are around more people and therefore are getting sick more. While this year is abnormal, kids are back in school and things are largely reopened, and the fall does still mark the start of what many know as “sick season.” Many people fall ill in these cooler months with things like sinus infections, the common cold, bronchitis, the flu, strep throat, and more. This year there is the added threat of COVID-19. It is more important than ever that things are cleaned properly and well, and much of this can be attributed to the cleaning products you are using. When you are cleaning, whether this is your classroom, home, or office space, it is vital that you use EPA-approved chemicals that are strong and fast enough to kill viruses.

While using a strong EPA-approved chemical to clean does not guarantee that no one will get sick with a virus, it does help to reduce the chances and keep yourself and others protected. Especially in places that are frequently visited such as bathrooms or high touch such as doorknobs and frames, the use of an EPA-approved chemical can greatly decrease the chances of you or those around you falling ill with something during a time when being sick is scarier than most other years. Though it does seem a bit cruel, the presence of COVID-19 does not mean that getting “regular sick” with things like colds, the flu, and stomach viruses no longer exists. Keep those closest to you safe this fall by regularly using EPA-approved chemicals to clean.

If you would like professional cleaning and janitorial services, contact Circle A Janitorial in Lubbock, Texas. We know how important it is to stay healthy. To see a list of the EPA’s approved chemicals to kill viruses, visit https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/selected-epa-registered-disinfectants.